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At JingleBit, we are mainly dedicated to music production for audiovisual media, covering everything from composition, recording and mixing, to the mastering stage.

We create jingles, tunes, corporate music, music for audiovisuals, video games music...

Jingles and tunes

Either the creation of a tune or an advertising jingle, at JingleBit we make our best to ensure that the music we create fits the spirit of your product.

You can ask us to develop our work aimed towards a specific musical genre, or leave that choice in our hands.

Our goal is to make our music to understand and support your message.

Incidental music

Incidental music is the heart of an audiovisual production. Can you imagine an action scene without music to keep the viewer excited? What would have been of the iconic shower scene in "Psycho" without those frightening strings that go along with it? What would have been of "Jaws" without its soundtrack, that terrifying music that identifies the predator on the prowl? Can you imagine the bicycle sequence in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" without listening to the incredible "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head"?

At JingleBit we are aware of the need to take care of the detail in the creation of incidental music, so it can do its job flawlessly, helping to create the perfect atmosphere for your productions.

Music for audiovisual productions

We all know that a good musicalization considerably increases the emotional involvement of the viewer. Music is certainly a basic element in any production.

For this reason, whether it is a serial, a TV documentary or any other type of audiovisual production, at JingleBit we work hard to create the sonic atmosphere capable of reinforcing the feeling that the image transmitted on each frame.

Music for cartoons

Music for cartoons is a highly demanding and fun challenge when it comes to creativity.

Depending on the type of animation, you will need music with a childlike air or the opposite, but whatever the type of music, it should accompany the image and make the narrative of the story look enriched and reinforced.

At JingleBit we always do our best to create music specifically designed to give your characters the narrative support they may need.

Music for video games

If music creation for cartoons is a creative challenge, video game music is even more demanding.

In addition to considering the type of music that should accompany the action of the game, it is necessary to take into account the interactions of the user. This, together with the technical requirements such as the creation of assets, makes the composition of music for video games a very specialized task.

At JingleBit we trust the tandem Steinberg Nuendo and Wwise to help us in our creative work.

Branding music

Every big company has a corporate image that gives life to the entity: its field of action, its business philosophy, its human capital, its logo and of course... its music.

At JingleBit we can create the music of your brand.

A good original melody with a good slogan, will make the name of your company remain forever engraved in the consumer's memory.


Music for YouTubers

Just as companies that have their "music logos" leave an indelible reminder on their target audience, having their own musical and sound identity could be critical for your YouTube channel.

Through the clever use of "music tags", a lot of information can be communicated to the viewer without saying a word.

Surely you know what we are talking about, all the tv networks in the world use these musical messages for an infinite number of purposes: to announce a new program, a section, a specific space, etc.

Music can become a fundamental part of your corporate image on the Internet, just think about it.

Our music creation services are aimed at audiovisual producers, advertising agencies, companies in the multimedia sector, music publishers, record companies, and freelance professionals.

If you have any questions, or want to ask us for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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