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If you need audio repair for a recording, or convert an audio to digital format. If you want to have your works protected against unauthorized use or plagiarism, and you want to register your music in copyright organizations as ASCAP, BMI, SGAE, SESAC, or any Intellectual Property government registry in your country... this will interest you.

At JingleBit we eliminate unwanted noise from your sound, convert your recordings to digital format and transcribe your work to sheet music so that you can register it.

Audio restore

You have recorded some dialogue and they have background noise, or an ambulance has passes by with its siren on just as you were recording an incredible take. Perhaps you have a vinyl with "clicks" and "pops" that you would like to make it sound better. Maybe you wish that old cassette tape had a lot more clarity and punch, in the CD style...

Don't worry, thanks to noise suppression software almost everything has a solution. We have the best tools for this task:

  • iZotope RX
  • Wavelab 10
  • SpectraLayers 7
  • Waves Noise Reduction Plugins

  • All these tools are true beasts for sound editing and noise suppression. With this service you will be able to eliminate virtually any problem in your audio.

    Format convertion (Vinyl, Cassette, DAT, VHS)

    If you need to convert your vinyl or cassettes to digital format, or you have DAT recordings that you would like to recover, at JingleBit we offer you to get it into sound files.

    We can convert your DAT tape, the audio from your VHS tape, your vinyl record or cassette into a CD, or if you prefer into sound files. You decide the file format that best suits your needs: wav, aiff, mp3, mp4, ogg, etc.

    Score transcription

    Aimed at music creators and songwriters, at JingleBit we offer you the transcription to score of your works. The scores that we deliver to you will include melody and bass (or chord symbols), which are the standard requirements for registering music.

    With them, you can register your work in copyright organizations as ASCAP, BMI, SGAE, SESAC, or any Intellectual Property government registry in your country.

    We have been working for large publishers and renowned artists for many years. Countless people have trusted us to register their works.

    Do not hesitate, if you are concerned about the security of your creations and need to protect your works so that no one can take away your rights, trust us.

    With our audio repair, format conversion and sheet music transcription services, your sound will be rid of annoying noises, your old recordings will have a new life and you will be able to protect your works.

    If you have any questions, or want to ask us for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also check our rates here.

    Online recording studio · JingleBit

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